I’m an Independent Multidisciplinary Designer, currently working with the nice people at Human. Previously at Google Creative Lab, Anyways and Wieden + Kennedy.

I have five years experience working within the creative industry in London and, more recently, New York City. Feel free to get in touch, maybe we can work together.


Commercial work for clients and agencies.

Ideas, collages, experiments, rejected work,
posters, side projects etc.

Tree Sculptures, sourced, cut and shot by Sam and I.


Flags from a workshop I hosted with W+K and Forever Curious.


Identity for a sustainable shopping platform, made with my mate Liz.


Brexit postcard submission for ME & EU.


Rejected poster concepts that I always quite liked.


Noticeboard for a North London community centre, designed and built by Lizzie and I.


Created at NB Studio in response to the psychology of brands.


Clog submission for W+K Amsterdam. Chewed and composed by Kelly and I.


Here are some ways to visualize the number 46, incase you were wondering.


A poster I made for a talk at W+K about reality TV.


Rejected ski design concepts lol.